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Community Engagement Works

Public Engagement and Ways to Survey Studio 2023 Fall 
Under guidance of Ayako Maruyama

Vote with your paper waste!
Mini individual project to gain insight of which one of the common spaces students felt the most comfortable in the Industrial Design building. I concentrated on creating a surveying tool for convenience, versatility, and comfortable engagement.

Inauguration Day at the ID Building 
This interactive tree was built and directed by Pei-Yu Hung and myself using scrap materials found in the Industrial Design workshops. 
The question engaged anyone who entered the ID building to hang up their hopes and dreams for the future! This installation was in conjunction with the Re-Collection Exhibit our class carried out. 

DS4Si Community Project 
I participated in a public event called The Design Gym in conjunction with DS4Si which is a Boston non-profit group for community engagement. Jay Cho and myself created this fun engagement tool for any passing children and teens. The provocative question was “Come make your shot! What do you want to take on at the Design Gym?” 

U Lights 
How can this physical flashlight and GPS system bring a sense of safety into our community within our campus?
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