Jasmine J. Lee

To Make the Invisible Visible.

Surveying a space and interpretation

Project Summary
4 weeks
Under guidance of David Davila

The daily ritual I chose to depict through transcalar marks was my experience living among the ambience of my 14th floor apartment; located in the dead center of Seoul, Korea.


I honed in on my senses and recorded my living space that I had to transfer into transcalar marks!
I decided to go with chaos inside my house at night: specifically light and sound.

“Transcalar Marks”

-mark making strategy showing the relation of the so survey to translate a space.

Analog ︎︎︎ Digital

I explored sound and light in a space through time using physical recordings and transferred that into a digital space.
To portray the interlinked nature of sound and light in reality, I chose translucent paper and charcoal.
After observing how these elements navigate through space, I produced organic shapes and lines to represent sound and
ubiquitous and angular marks to represent light.

Using a south east isometric view,
I kept the focus towards the kitchen area but decided to keep the living room in view because they have a close relation in space.

Sound rises up to the 14th floor.

The conch symbol on the left depicts a sudden large sound that travels up from the large intersection of roads such as the vrooming of a motorcycle engine or the screech of car brakes.



I studied light, focusing on the fluorescent light in the kitchen. I chose cool colors to portray the cool night time ambience of the city.

This solid painting was changed to dots, which created more contrast and simultaneously capture the ubiquitous character of the light.


"Ambience Living Atop of My City"
This diagram, using transcalar marks, shows the sound coming from the busy night streets below and the fluorescent light of my dining table light. 

The absence of warm colors and human figures creates a distant ambience; however, the presence of movement from the pulled out chair, books, the subtle light emitting from the television creates not a static, but a dynamic environment.

In conclusion, this diagram suggests that my apartment is not very sound proof and that sound echoes louder towards the higher floors of the building.

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